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Darwell & District Agricultural Society

A reminder to all pullers that our friends at Vermilion Ag Society are having an Open Invitational pull on July 29th.

Also, check out "Thunder on the prairies" on Facebook.  July 7,8th.

 Darwell Ag Drag Classes 2017
 (payout/prize money classes)

-Super Modified Tractors
-Modified Tractors
-Smoker Tractors
-Modified 2WD Trucks
-Modified 4WD Trucks
-Unlimited 4WD Diesel Trucks

-Modified 4WD Diesel Trucks
-Super mini tractors
-A mini tractors
-B mini tractors
-Big Red

 Darwell Ag Drag Exhibition Classes 2017
 (fun/prize/trophy classes)

-Street diesel/gas trucks
-Micro minis
-Antique tractors

 ** If you have a pulling unit you’d like to bring for the exhibition class please email Gerald Stark :                       

Welcome to all truck and tractor pullers!!

Pullers, we have been listening to your concerns and requests so in 2017 our Ag Society has decided to do an Open Invitational pull.

This pull is open to everyone but you must register on Saturday Aug 12th and then confirm with registration table on Sunday the 13th if you are pulling again on that date.

We are currently securing an insurance policy and are requesting a policy that covers participants, competition vehicle owner/sponsor and includes them as additional insured.  This policy will be made available at the registration table for viewing the day of the pull.

Fees: Micro minis- free

          Antique tractors- free

          All other classes- $20 per hook

Below is our tentative plan for the classes we will be running.